Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Peach Banana Berry Shake

Hello everybody! 
It's the start of a new week. Passover just ended and my mom and sister just got home from their trip to Israel. We had lots of fun touring and traveling with them. We visited lots of cool new places as well as showed them some of our favorite spots. It was also great to see lots of relatives!   Mom and Mich Do Israel Album

I'm back with another delicious shake recipe! I'm excited to share this with you all because this morning I bought a new Graetz blender and now I can make all sorts if yummy drinks.

This shake is all fruit. No dairy. Inspired by Jamba Juice but not as frozen. I find it hard to drink frozen drinks from a straw and finally wanted to try something with just fruit and juice.

Peach Banana Berry Shake

I mixed a cup of peach juice with a small frozen banana and behalf a cup of frozen raspberries and blended it all together til smooth. 

You can use any combo of berries and juices you like. What are your favorite smoothie recipes?? Comment below!!