Friday, April 5, 2013

Berry Berry Peach Smoothie

Hubby has finally started to like my smoothies! I had a little round blender from Hemilton but it  got a chip around the top edge. It didn't hold as much liquid and it would leak out the top whenever I put liquid in it. I love my new Graetz blender!

Today hubs comes home from the gym thirsty for a post-workout smoothie. "Smoothie me!!", he says!!

Berry Berry Peach Smoothie
I mixed up strawberries, frozen raspberries and peach juice. He took one sip and ran away with the whole glass, I barely had any left to try or take pictures of!! 

It was so good!! I'm so excited to think up new ideas!

What kinds of smoothies do you like? Care to share some recipes??

 Shabbat Shalom!