Tuesday, January 1, 2013

**Holiday Greetings** Part 2- New Year 2013

Hello folks
We sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas

I wanted to conclude this seasons posts with one on how people celebrate the New Year here in Jerusalem

well...they really don't. Since most of Israel follows the Jewish Calender, we celebrated the New Year during Rosh Hashanah in September. Happy 5773!!

Most restaurants and bars will be open with special deals and whatnot so is another reason to go out and party. Tel Aviv is one place that is serving up some fun. Read about it here: Celebrate Silvester.

My cousin Roman is here in Israel leading a RAJE trip and I'm really happy to see him. He brought us lots of presents from Mom and Dad (like warm Patagonia sweaters, slippers and warm long underwear, very important to have in an apartment with no heat). Thanks Mom and Dad!

Also, wanted to thank Mark and Cindy for all the goodies they "got" us! Sweaters for Evan, pea coat for me, hoodie jacket for Evan, etc.
I decided to make a veggie stir-fry for lunch.  Here is my recipe:

End of the Year Sweet Paprika Stir-Fry
1 yellow pepper (thin slices)
2 baby eggplants (thin circle slices)
2 long carrots (thin circles slices)
1 small head of broccoli (and some of the stem)
1/2 can of sweet corn
1.5 tbsp EVOO
2 tsp sweet Moroccan paprika
drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette
1/2 tsp of Kirkland kosher salt
1/4 tsp of Italian seasonings

Really easy from here on. Toss all the veggies and seasonings together. Heat and add a little EVOO to the wok and then saute all the veggies, covering them from time to time to steam the broccoli. That's it! and it turned out great and I had leftovers! =)

NYE dinner was great at Sushi Rehavia
(Thanks Mark and Cindy)
(Salmon Tempura, Sunshine Roll, Avocado Roll and one other one, I don't remember)

Then we went to Abraham Hostel for their New Years Eve Celebration and then out with Roman and his RAJE group! The evening was a success and we'll post pictures some pictures on Facebook soon. 

Hopefully it won't be 5 months until the next blog, so as we say here, see you later, Lehitraot!

Happy New Year 2013