Saturday, August 24, 2013

...and I'm back!!! ...with a Spinach Mango salad

Sorry I've been away for so long!! We've had a great summer so far! Just to recap- we had an amazing trip to the states and I worked on a play in the park!

The mangoes in Israel now are huge!! I also bought a pack of baby spinach earlier this week to celebrate the purchase of my new blender. I was so excited to make this salad, so lets not waste any more time chit-chatting.

Spinach Mango Tomato Salad
1 serving

1 handful of washed and dried baby spinach; tear off any super long stems.
6 cherry tomatoes; quartered.
1/2 handful of craisins.
1 tablespoon of toasted sunflower seeds.
1 large chunk of mango, cubed. 

Mix all that goodness together in a bowl or plate and enjoy!

~Good Shabbos